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Have your eye on a new appliance for your home or kitchen? Be sure to visit our comprehensive in-depth home and kitchen appliance reviews along with helpful tips on using them.

Choosing a new appliance doesn’t have to be tricky. At All Great Appliances, we help make the purchase experience easier with proving the best appliance reviews, easy to understand buying guides and product comparisons.

We feel this is the best way to help YOU narrow down your best choices.

A Wide Range of The Best Appliances Reviews and Products

kitchen appliance reviews for your home

We understand that finding trustworthy advice on home appliances can be difficult. Every brand believes their products are the best, but it all comes down to YOUR needs. We don’t have a crystal ball that can tell us what you desire, but we do have a range of insightful product reviews that can come close.

Here is just a glimpse of the categories we offer:

Air Conditioners

Purchasing a new air conditioner can be difficult but with our helpful insights, we make it easy to buy the most efficient and best brands for less. See the top models of window ac and ventless air conditioners in side by side comparisons breaking down their pros, cons and benefits.

Plus we offer air conditioner maintenance tips to help them last for years to come.


Whether you want a juicer that gives you fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning or a blender to help make healthy smoothies, you can find it all here like the Nutri Ninja blenders, Oster Pro and more.

We’ve got everything from the best models to even Ninja blender recipes on our posts.

Coffee Makers

Finding the best coffee maker that can kick start your day with a refreshing cup of Joe can be a challenge. At All Great Appliances, we offer coffee maker reviews of not only the best brands you can get, but also tips that can help you come to a decision regarding coffee makers you have your eye on.

So whether you prefer to grind your own beans or prefer to use ground coffee, choose one that can meet your needs right here.

Air Fryer Reviews

Nothing is more frustrating on cheat day than a deep fryer that produces soggy and limp French fries. Plus, unless you are a chef, you would rather not clean up spilled oil if you can help it.

Whether you are in the market for a deep fryer or air fryer or want to replace an old one, check out our best air fryers as well as the newest air fryers available today.

Humidifiers & Air Cleaners

A dry indoor environment can do more than make your skin crack. It can also cause the inner lining of your nose to dry up and cause congestion. An air humidifier is an obvious purchase, but which one should you choose? We made that choice easy for you by compiling clear and accurate product descriptions that do a deep dive into prominent brands and their products.

Have specific requirements? We also offer tips on the features you should prioritize if you want to buy the best humidifier on your own.

An air cleaner is very important to purify the air you breath all around your home. We provide in-depth information on the top air cleaners available. See which one would work best for your home or office.

Kitchen and Home Appliances of All Types

The best kitchen appliances are ones that can streamline the time you spend in that space.  We offer a range of product reviews on essential products that can ensure your kitchen remains fully functional.

Whether you love to cook or just dabble in it, our kitchen appliance reviews can help you make the best decision.

Check out our guide to buying the top appliances. Easily compare the pros and cons and choose a home appliance that can make your kitchen the true heart of your home.

Outdoor Grill and BBQ Smokers

Nothing heralds summer best than an outdoor barbecue. Whether you want to hit the park or make burgers in your backyard, choose a grill or smoker that can keep up with your mad skills. What better way to do that than by going through genuine and detailed reviews?

Compare outdoor grills and specs such as material, gas consumption, insulation and other features at your leisure. Already have a grill? Use our maintenance tips and ensure it lasts for years.

Ozone Generators

As climate change becomes a real threat, more and more people are choosing healthier alternatives to packaged brands. This includes water which may or may not contain all of the nutrients our body needs.

Our Ozone Generators reviews can help you choose a unit that purifies the water we drink and prevents bacteria and fungi from invading your home. Don’t take our word for it, visit our new weekly articles to help make your own decision.

Power Pressure Cookers

Cooking doesn’t get easier than this. Pressure cookers can cut your cooking time in half but which one is a cut above the rest? We made the choice easy for you by consolidating the best power pressure cooker reviews on a single platform complete with bonus recipes!

We review NuWave, Instant, Power and electric pressure cooker models. Also check out our Egg Cookers Review while you’re here.

Make a decision based on power consumption, cooking requirements and food quality with our easy to understand appliance reviews.

Recipes and Cooking Ideas

There is no better place to find the best recipes to use with your kitchen appliances. We add new and tasty homemade recipes you’ll love and share with your friends and family. Our air fryer fried chicken, bread machine, crockpot prime rib, pressure cooker pot roast and even crockpot prime rib recipes are just a few!

Toaster Ovens

If your looking for the latest toaster oven models from the top appliance brands, look no further than our best toaster oven reviews. These articles describe all the latest design features you need in a new toaster. Choose from every size and type based on your own needs and the space you have on your kitchen counters.

Vacuum Cleaners

Cleanup sucks, but not if you swear by your vacuum cleaner. Not every vacuum cleaner is made the same though. No need to go down the rabbit hole not knowing what to look for. Our easy to understand vacuum cleaner reviews will help you come to a decision without the need to worry. Want to make an independent decision?

Check out our guide on choosing one the best vacuum cleaners that you should spend money on. You’ll get the best for less right here.

Vacuum Sealers

We are firm believers that you get what you pay for. There is a lot to say about quality vacuum sealing products to package liquids and liquid-rich foods like fresh meats, soups, marinades and even stews. Our search found the top models from well respected brands like the VacMaster VP-215 vacuum sealers for home and commercial uses or the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System.

Waffle Makers

Nothing is more depressing than a sad breakfast. Soggy and uncooked waffles can put a damper on your day, but not if you have a waffle maker that ticks all of the boxes. The best person to determine those requirements is you and we have made your choice easier by providing insightful waffle maker reviews on the best models. Take your time choosing and enjoy fresh and crisp waffles for your effort.

Washer and Dryers

If you know what washer or clothes dryer you want and need more information, look to our breakdown of the best models people are raving about. Our helpful advice on what to look for when searching for the best home washer and dryers will surprise you.

Depending on your household needs and power connection you can determine your best choices.

Water Filters Softeners and Purifier Systems

See the latest and improved models of water filtration systems and the best water softener systems. Having cleaner, healthier and softer water for your family is a click of a button away.  Also see our water heaters section for comparing water heaters.

Find & Buy The Best Kitchen Appliances 

Whether you are searching for the best rated kitchen appliance packages or the latest appliance reviews for 2021, turn to our recommendations, tips, guides and comparisons. We also offer links to products that you decide to buy. That means you won’t have to search elsewhere for the exact brand and model you read a review on!

Since we only link to the best kitchen and home appliances, chances on making a bad decision are slim to none. Plus, clicking on a link does not change the actual price of the product you want to buy so you can purchase without regret. Get customer reviewed top rated products for less. Always enjoy free shipping to your home or business.

Have queries about other appliance reviews or home appliance protection plans? Feel free to get in touch with us and we will answer any questions you may have.

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