All Other Home Appliances Insurance Plans – Cost of an Average Dinner!

Extended warranty plans are available for all other home appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens, stoves, and other major appliances.

Many consumers wonder if this type of warranty is worth purchasing. Depending on your appliance, the cost is about the cost of an average family dinner out! After all, most manufacturers offer warranties with the product for a limited time. The debate about whether to purchase an extended warranty or look into all other insurance plans that are available today. Here are a few important facts that you should consider.


All Other Home Appliances Insurance Plans, Hand and stamp Warranty

Buy 3 Year Warranty for $ 21.94

Today, we see that there are many appliances that have a very large original ticket price. Many reputable appliance technicians have recommended that consumers should purchase extra years of protection because of these high prices. There are others appliance experts that say a regularly scheduled maintenance program is good enough to keep your major appliances in top notch shape. Therefore, what should you do?

Manufactures provide a warranty that usually lasts between 3 months and 1 year. After the warranty expires it is up to the homeowner to fix any repairs. Many manufacturers and retailers do offer extended warranties at a specific price. You can also purchase an extended warranty for all of your household appliances from an independent warranty company. An extended warranty can vary in length of contract and price. For example, an extended warranty can add one extra year or up to five years of coverage. The longer period of coverage will usually cost you less money.

High Cost of Parts for Repair

One appliance technician mentioned that years ago an extended warranty was not a good investment. Today however, he highly recommends extended warranties because of the high cost of appliances. He also points out that today’s appliances are built a little bit differently than appliances from years ago. You can purchase a washing machine or refrigerator for over $3000. The parts for today’s appliances are very expensive because of computer technology. A single part can cost you up to $300. It appears that today’s energy-efficient machines have higher costing parts and they breakdown easier.

High Cost of Service Calls

Another qualified appliance retail manager from the United States points out that a service call can cost from $200-$400. Therefore, one service call can often pay for the average price of an extended warranty for one year. He suggests that if an appliance costs more than $600 then you should purchase an extended warranty. Of course, if you are purchasing a $300 clothes dryer and the extended warranty is $200 for an extra year, you may want to forgo it.

There are certain retail outlets that allow pushy salesman to promote extended warranties whether they are needed or not. The reason why salesman are so pushy when it comes to extended warranties is because they will usually receive a 10% commission on the extended warranty. If you pay $200 for an extended warranty then the salesman will receive a bonus commission of $20. They will use a variety of scare tactics to convince you to purchase this warranty. As previously mentioned by one appliance expert if the appliance costs more than $800 then purchase an extended warranty if it does not, then do not.

All Other Home Appliances Insurance Plans

Today, there are many online companies that will provide you with a blanket extended warranty coverage for all of the appliances in your home. The cost is so inexpensive why would you NOT buy one? These prices in the below links are from the top national companies that are known for excellent prices and service. You can take the chance that nothing will happen, or rest assured that if something does go wrong; your covered.

They will offer you “unlimited service” calls, parts, and repairs for all of your appliances in your home. To purchase an extended warranty may at times seem like an daunting task but if you do your homework and follow a few simple guidelines below, you will know whether to purchase an extended warranty for all other home appliances or not. Shop Now for the Best Protection Plans found anywhere.

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