The Best Electric Pressure Cooker, Easy Tips & Recipes For Cooking Great Meals

Electric pressure cooker

Even if you have never tried cooking with an electric pressure cooker before, you should know that this is the perfect way to make a great meal in less time. Plus you will enjoy a mouth watering meal made without all of the unhealthy ingredients and extra calories.

When you have the best recipes and some of the top tips on creating meals, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of tasty dishes. Make the best tasting ribs, roasts, pork, whole chickens, stews, chili, soups and many more great meals. Are you getting hungry yet?

Finding the best model is a valuable tool to have in the kitchen that will help you to save a great deal of time and money. When you know how to use one, it will be easier than ever to create meals with incredible nutritional value that could otherwise be lost when using a number of other cooking methods.

To get you started, here are some tips that are going to help you to enjoy some of the best results with very little effort in your electric pressure cooker endeavors.

Electric Pressure Cooker Preparation and Tips

Never Use Too Much Liquid

The foods are going to be cooked inside the sealed pot of the electric pressure cooker, which means that you are going to have much less evaporation taking place. Recipes that are meant for this will require much less cooking liquid than you would use if you were going to be cooking in a traditional pot.

Just be sure that you pay attention to use the perfect amount of liquid for the recipe that you are using. Most recipes are going to call for about one cup of liquid and a good rule of thumb is never filling the pot more than half of the way with liquid.

Stop And Go Cooking Technique

If you are using a recipe that calls for ingredients that have different cooking times, you can start off by partially cooking the ingredients that are slower to cook. This is good for meats and tough vegetables. You can then use a quick release method for stopping the device and add in the faster cooking ingredients. By bringing the pot back up to full pressure again, you can finish everything up all at the same time.

Start High, Finish Low

If you are going to be using a stove top style, start off cooking the recipe over high heat. Once you reach the desired pressure, you can then lower the temperature down to a simmer. However, if you have an electric pressure cooker, you never have to worry about trying to adjust the heat as the appliance is going to do all of that for you with simple settings. How great is that?

Higher Altitude Can Be A Factor

If you are living in a higher altitude area, you may have to think about boosting the cooking times. This is generally if you are in an area that is around 3,000 feet over sea level or higher. Just increase the cooking time by about five percent for every thousand feet that you are above the initial two thousand feet over sea level.

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Helpful Tips For Browning

Always brown your meats and any desired vegetables first and then you can deglaze the pot to give you even more flavor. Just add in a small amount of oil into your electric pressure cooker and heat uncovered using medium to high heat. Add food into the pot with small batches and be sure to brown the ingredients on all sides. Remove the food, set aside in a bowl and you are then ready to deglaze.

This is a process where you will work on loosening up the food particles that are left behind with a small amount of broth, wine or water. Once you pull up all of the flavor from the bottom, you can the return it to the cooking mode that is desired until the food is completely done.

No matter what, you are going to see that it can be easy to start cooking with one as long as you read up on some of the recipes that you are interested in.

Recipes and Cookbooks


Not only are there a number of amazing main dishes that you can try, but there are a variety of delicious desserts that you can make and impress all of your family and friends.

When cooking with an electric pressure cooker, you can make just about any fabulous meal that your heart desires, all within a fraction of the normal cook time. Set it, forget it and enjoy your favorite and healthier meal later!

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