Best Ice Cream Makers to Make Delicious Frozen Treats

Best Ice Cream Maker To Make Delicious Frozen Treats

If you’re tired of having to go out to buy your ice cream or frozen dessert of choice, or would like to just experiment with your own flavors, why not start making your own delicious frozen treats? With one of the best ice cream maker machines, it’s both simple and fun to do at home.

What’s more, with many of the ice cream maker models available, you could create your favorite frozen treat in a shorter time than it would take to go buy some from any store.

What You Can Do With Your New Ice Cream Machine

  • There is no limit to the amount of delicious frozen desserts you can make with this kind of device
  • Apart from just desserts, you can delight all of your friends at a party with frozen lemonade and/or margaritas. For the kids, you can also create tasty slushies
  • If you’re feeling creative, you could even whip up some frozen yogurt, or some pie filling for your next dessert

Best Ice Cream Maker Reviews

We have included a range of machines which fall in different price ranges in our reviews section, just so that you have a wide range to work with.

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Nostalgia ICMP400WD Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Machine

Nostalgia ICMP400WD Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker, 4-Quart

If you’re looking to take a step back in time and use an appliance that makes you feel like you’re kicking it old-school, the Nostalgia ICMP400WD could be the best ice cream maker for you.

In comparison to all the other products we review in this post, this one has the most capacity. It can make up to 4-quarts of frozen dairy dessert, frozen yogurt, or gelato, which is great if you’re wanting to feed a crowd.

With an electric motor, this device can churn any kinds of ingredients into a delicious frozen treat. Once you’re done, you can just put leftovers in the bowl itself and store it in the freezer (see-through lid included).

As with many other kinds of tried and tested machines, this one is easy to clean. Any mess on the plastic bucket can just be wiped away.

If you’re looking for ease and convenience, this device also works with the entire range of Nostalgia frozen dessert making kits.

What We Like

  • The old school look and feel is a fun alternative to sleek kitchen products
  • High 4 quart capacity
  • This appliance can be cleaned easily, and leftovers can be stored in the bowl with a lid

Minor Drawbacks

  • This appliance might have a nostalgic feel but might also lack the high powered ability of smaller models
  • Note that you will also need to add salt and ice over the top of the ingredients, which is a little different to how all the other best ice cream maker models work

Cuisinart ICE-21PK Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, and Sorbet Maker


Cuisinart ICE-21PK Frozen Yogurt - Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, Pink

The Cuisinart ICE-21PK is a brightly colored pink device, which will not only provide you with an easy way to create frozen treats but if you buy it, will also help to contribute to breast cancer research. Cuisinart is making a set donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation regardless of sales.

If contributing to this cause wasn’t enough, this is one of the best models because it comes with a powerful 200-watt motor that can blend up all kinds of delicious frozen ingredients. This includes two different speeds which can handle all of your various blending tasks.

In addition, the stick blender design of this machine means that you can also use it to blend in pots, pitchers and bowls, which provides more options. The ergonomic design of the blender, especially the grip, also means that it is comfortable to hold while using it, and offers you more control.

If you decide to go for the simple blending option, there is a one-touch control that makes whipping up all of your desired frozen ingredients quick and easy.

Cleaning up can often be a problem with these kinds of products as ingredients spill out everywhere. That is why Cuisinart has made the blending shaft and beaker dishwasher-safe. You don’t have to worry about hand washing all of these after they’ve been blending all kinds of delicious and sticky things.

What We Like

  • Simple one-touch blending makes this best ice cream maker model simple and easy to use
  • With different blender speeds, you can whip up all kinds of frozen desserts with a variety of ingredients
  • The fact that you can wash the blender in the dishwasher makes the product quite easy to clean

Minor Drawbacks

  • Unfortunately, the bowl of the device itself isn’t dishwasher safe. Therefore, you’ll need to find another way to clean that (which might be slightly challenging)

Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Machine


Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Soft Service, Brushed Chrome, Ice Cream Maker with Countdown Timer


The Cuisinart ICE-70 has a functional and sleek brushed chrome design that makes this choice of best ice cream maker both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to having a capacity of 2-quarts, this machine is designed to be a convenient addition to your collection of kitchen appliances. With a small counter footprint, it also won’t take up too much space, which is a concern if you happen to use a range of other devices already.

This machine also doesn’t just look good, it delivers with an improved paddle for faster processing time, a control panel with LCD screen and three different settings (with multiple speeds), as well as a countdown timer with auto shut off.

The auto shut off feature is especially valuable as you don’t want to damage the machine just because you forgot to turn it off. The improved paddle also means that processing time is quicker, with the help of multiple speed options to further expedite the creation of your frozen treats.

All of these features make it easy to make any kind of frozen dessert that you like. Whether it’s dairy, non-dairy, or made of fruit, the easy to use ingredient spout and integrated measuring cup will simplify the job for you.

In fact, this machine can make delicious treats in as quick as 20 minutes! This is ideal if you’re the kind of person who is prone to spontaneous cravings for frozen treats.

What We Like

  • The design of this best ice cream maker is functional and visually appealing. It is both useful and nice to look at in the kitchen
  • With all of the features you’d expect from this kind of machine, this device delivers by making the creation of frozen treats convenient, quick and easy
  • The addition of an ingredient spout and integrated measuring cup shows that this product has been designed to be user-friendly

Minor Drawbacks

  • This appliance is only built for personal use, so isn’t really appropriate for those who want to make huge batches

Whynter ICM-201SB 2.1 Quart Upright Stainless Steel Bowl Maker


Whynter ICM-201SB Upright Automatic Ice Cream Maker 2 Quart Capacity Built-in Compressor, no pre-Freezing, LCD Digital Display, Timer, Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, 2.1

The Whynter ICM-201SB is one of the best ice cream maker models for those who like to make frozen treats quickly and efficiently.

This is because the appliance comes with a removable stainless steel mixing bowl and BPA-free churn blade, both of which can be easily stored and cleaned.

What’s more, this product is designed to shut off automatically. This is handy if you happen to forget about the delicious treats you’re making and forget to turn it off and it freezes solid.

However, there is also a built-in audible timer and LCD screen. These will help you set the amount of time you need to churn your mixture, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that!

The stainless steel design of the device makes it a slick addition to your kitchen counter. Furthermore, to make sure it’s even more convenient, it has been designed to have a small counter footprint.

A high-efficiency CFC-free compressor means that you also don’t have to be concerned about any harmful emissions. It can also safely run for long periods of time without burning out.

To give some specifics on the product, it has a capacity of 2.1 quarts (or 2 liters), a voltage of 110/120V 60Hz, 180 watts of power and a cooling temperature of -0.4F to -31F. What’s more, this device is also ETL Certified.

What We Like

  • Automatic shut off feature is helpful as it makes sure that this best ice cream maker’s motor is protected even if you forget to turn it off
  • Removable mixing bowl and churn glad make this product a lot easier to clean than having to wipe out the insides with a cloth
  • Because it is ETL Certified, it means that this machine has gone through rigorous testing before going into the market
  • Slick stainless steel exterior will fit nicely into any kitchen
  • A small counter footprint it won’t take up too much space either

Minor Drawbacks

  • Once again, this machine only has a capacity of 2.1 quarts. While this is absolutely fine for personal use, it might not be enough if you’re wanting to make very large batches

Should You Buy One?

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a delicious bite of frozen dessert, or any other kind of cold and icy treat, especially if you happen to have made it yourself.

If you’re keen to make yourself or your friends some delicious frozen treats, there is no reason to have to wait hours for it to set in the freezer, or to have to manually churn or stir it yourself.

With all of the great appliances, equipment and technology today, there are many different product options.

When it comes to choosing the best ice cream maker, any of the above four products that we reviewed above will be sure to get you started and be a great addition to your kitchen.

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