Finding The Best Microwave Ovens Today

Best microwave ovens

The best microwave ovens have completely transformed the way that most people cook, defrost and reheat their food.

Tasks that used to take hours, such as defrosting meat, have been reduced to just a few minutes. Reheating last night’s dinner is now simply a matter of putting it in the microwave. Now for just a few minutes rather than firing up the stove!

A Guide to the Choosing the Best Microwave Ovens

Microwave cooking technology would have seemed downright miraculous a few short decades ago. Now it has become commonplace. Incredible right? Today most people can’t imagine living without the convenience of a microwave.

In fact, microwaves have become such a common feature in the household that we are spoilt for choice. There are so many different brands and models available that it can be very difficult to choose!

To make your decision a bit easier, here are some important features to consider when shopping for the best microwave ovens. All of these features will help ensure that you get the best model for your needs:

Primary Cooking Functions

Many of today’s models come with fancy bells and whistles. While these added features may be convenient, chances are you won’t use them very often. Instead, if you are like most people, you will probably use your microwave primarily for reheating meals or defrosting food. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a microwave that has performed well on basic cooking tests.

A good place to start is by checking with several different product rating organizations to see which microwave ovens came out on top in terms of their ability to defrost or reheat food.

Of course, everyone’s needs will differ, but by looking at a range of the best microwave ovens, you’ll be able to make a solid choice.


A microwave not only needs to fit comfortably within your kitchen space. It also needs to have enough interior room to hold plates or larger dishes. Before you start shopping, take careful measurements of both your counter space and the largest dish that you plan on using inside the microwave.

If you don’t have a lot of room on your counter, you may want to look for a model that fits above your range in place of a range hood. Or, you can choose one that hangs down from underneath your upper cabinets.

Use any special code measurements to guide you as you shop so that you can find the right microwave. You’ll want one that offers plenty of interior space without taking up too much room in your kitchen.

Special Cooking Features

Once you have the basics out of the way, you can focus on special cooking features. For instance, if you want to be able to bake food in the microwave, you can look for one with built-in convection cooking.

Other features such as the ability to brown the top of your food or an automatic sensor that detects when food is done cooking can make cooking in the microwave far more versatile.

Shortcut keys for your favorite foods such as popcorn or baked potatoes can also be convenient.

It is quite amazing to consider how much more evolved these machines have become. With so many additional features, choosing one of the best microwave ovens today is a pleasure.

Energy Efficiency

Microwaves get so much use, it makes sense to look for an energy-efficient model. Shop for a model that is ENERGY STAR rated to minimize your overall power usage.  Some of the most well know microwave brands include: GE, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Dacor, and Samsung.

The best microwave ovens shouldn’t drain your electricity. In fact, just by having a microwave in your house, you should be able to save electricity by not having to use your stove or oven as much to reheat food.

Top Selling and Best Microwaves to help you choose the Right One

Time to Buy One

If you know what features to look for when trying to find the best microwave ovens, you can help improve the chances of selecting one that fits your needs perfectly. To make it simpler for you, just remember a few key points.

These include: consider the overall size of the microwave, primary cooking performance and any special features.

With the awareness that we have about the models available, it’s also very important to check a microwave’s overall energy rating. In addition, be sure to look at key customer product ratings for the brand you like.

While you might be brand loyal, looking at various ratings is the best way you can choose a model that meets or exceeds your expectations.

To find out more about other appliances, like the best microwave ovens, read more about kitchen appliances that can ease your life.

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