Best Home Water Filtration System to Remove Contaminants

Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems

Looking for the best home water filtration system? Today many new styles can tremendously help improve the overall taste and quality. More importantly, they can also help protect you and your family from all kinds of harmful heavy metals and contaminants.

The good news is that water filters have become a lot easier to install. Nowadays, they are even more convenient to maintain than ever before. However, before we go over some of the various filter systems available, let’s discuss some of the important points that you need to consider.

Read these before you even begin your research on the various types.

Finding The Best Home Water Filtration System 

The first thing that you want to consider in order to find the best filter is to determine what is actually in your water.

You will want to test the water in your home to understand more about it.

Your local consumer confidence report, which is typically referred to as a water quality report, should state the levels of contaminants detected. It should also tell you how it compares to the Environmental Protection Agency’s actual water drinking standards.

Contact your local water authority and they will provide this report for you. This way, you will be able to find out exactly what is in your water to determine the best type of filter for your individual circumstances.

Fit The Type of Filter To Your Specific Needs

Once you have the test results and you can see what your dealing with, you can decide which filter you need.

Some filters may perform better than others, so you want to find the best types of water filtration systems that are able to successfully filter out the bad contaminants.

One brand can be completely different than another, so it’s important to review your options.

Different Styles of Home Water Filter Systems

Under Sink Water Filter

This type of filter is going to be installed underneath your sink. This particular filter is working continuously and instead of cluttering up your counter tops, it fits rights conveniently underneath your sink.

Culligan under sink water filters work very well, are affordable and can easily be installed with minimal cost. That being said, some people might enjoy using the cabinet space under the sink. This could be a negative for some that have more to store under their sink.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

This is a popular kind of filter to install in your home. By using standard household pressure, the water is essentially forced into a semi-permeable membrane  and is then pushed through several filters.

Reverse osmosis filters are going to be able to effectively remove all kinds of different contaminants, including those that are dissolved solids.

While this is a great method for filtration, it does waste a lot in the process. In fact, it can typically waste around 3 to 5 gallons per every gallon that is effectively filtered.

They also require more maintenance than other different types of water filtration systems. This is because they require you to bleach the unit every now and then and the filters must be replaced as well.

Portable Water Filter

Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems


This particular portable type filter is the cheapest and most affordable option. That being said, you are ultimately going to get what you pay for. For one, it is not going to filter straight out of the faucet. You will need to pour the water into the filter unit itself.

The best models for these portable water filters do a great job of eliminating and removing lead and chlorine taste and odor, zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium.

The problem is, the filter rate is pretty slow. They are also very prone to getting clogged which can cause a lot of headaches. While a portable water filter might be a good idea for a single person household, it is not recommended for multi-family households. PUR is a great brand you might want to consider.

This is simply because it is going to be able to filter enough to consume throughout the day.

Whole House Water Filter Systems

This type of filtration system is ideal for families who desire a consistent supply of clean purified water throughout the entire home.

This connects to your main supply and cleans and purifies throughout your home faucets. Sinks, showers and even your spigot outside too.

These whole home water filter system models are more expensive, but then again all areas in your home is being treated.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of different types of home water filtration systems available on the marketplace.

We have provided some helpful product information of the most popular options available. Ultimately, it should come down to a few facts. This includes your budget, your filtration requirements, and the size of your family and household.

Anyway you look at it, cleaner water in your home is healthier for everyone.

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