Finding The Best French Press and Percolator Coffeemakers

Finding the best French press and percolator coffeemakers to enjoy coffee at home is much easier than you think. If you’re like a lot of people you love your coffee. You stop by the local Espresso or coffee shop and load up in the morning and then again for lunch, and hopefully there is a coffee maker at work too.

This coffee maker review is something to think about when it comes to enjoying your favorite java. If you’ve sat down and figured out that you spend more money on just coffee than you do on food, you’re not alone. If you really want to find a part of your life where you can increase the quality and save a ton of money, make your own coffee at home using French Press and  Percolator Drip Coffeemakers.

Tips on Finding the Best French Press and Percolator Coffeemakers

Percolator Coffeemakers

Percolator coffee makers are the old standby for drip coffee makers. If you don’t always have access to electricity, then the regular coffee percolator is the best alternative. It will work on almost any kind of burner, gas, electric or open fire. If you’re camping or roughing it, then you have to get one of these. They’re a small coffee maker and very conservative with water, so you won’t have to make extra trips to the well either.

You’ll want to grind your coffee coarsely so that you don’t get any extra debris in your cup. Then you should use the freshest water possible. However, if it’s extremely hard, then you should consider bottled water or distilled water instead. You’ll need to be careful not to overboil your coffee or it will be bitter or rancid.

Finding the best French press and percolator drip coffeemakers is all about learning how to make coffee properly too!

French Press Coffeemakers

The French press coffeemaker extracts more of the healthy phytonutrients. Coffee is blessed with a large number of phytonutrients that research has shown to help prevent disease and keep your body working properly. In order to get the most out of these beneficial micronutrients, it’s best to heat the coffee grounds in the water to the point of boiling for a just a few minutes.

Then, using the press in your French press coffeemaker, you push the plunger down through the coffee which forces the grounds to the bottom of the pot. This creates a very strong coffee, but it won’t be bitter because you didn’t overcook it in order to get every last bit of flavor.

If you ask some of your friends that have French press coffee machines, you’ll find many that will only make their coffee this way, they’ll swear it’s the best way there is. You’re also bound to get even more tips about finding the best French press and percolator coffeemakers from them if you ask!

Getting a Good French Press Coffeemaker 

There are a few things you really need to be aware of when looking for the best French press coffeemaker. The first is whether or not the manufacturer is having problems with their glass flasks cracking. You can go online  at look at the reviews to find out more about these types of coffee makers. If you start to see a trend where more than several people have had a problem with cracked glass containers, try a different brand.

If you’re really into your coffee, remember that you’re saving $30 per week by making your own, so take that savings and invest in a machine that has a 5-star rating, and uses mostly stainless steel construction. In fact, there is even a type of stainless steel called 18/10 that is totally rust and corrosion proof and will outlast any other coffee maker you can buy. The SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press is the # 1 seller at Amazon.

When you find one that has a 5-star average, take the time to read the 1 star and 2-star ratings to see what the problem they had was. If it wasn’t due to defects or something that would bother you, then you’ve found the best French press brewer.

Finding the best French press and percolator coffeemakers doesn’t have to be difficult!

Final Thoughts: Finding the Best French Press and Percolator Coffeemakers

If you’re in need of saving lots of money on your coffee brewing, this review and comparison on finding the best French press and percolator drip coffeemakers is your best bet. You can make coffee very easily and then pour it in an insulated thermos to take to work and have the “best coffee out of anyone” in your entire business for less that 1/4 of the price.

When it comes to all of the information available online about coffee brewing and all the best equipment available, finding the best French press and percolator coffeemakers actually couldn’t be any easier!

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