Great Outdoor Grills For Summertime Cooking

Grilling season is here and it’s time to pull out your favorite BBQ tools, seasonings, and the great outdoor barbecue grills for summertime cooking.

Gather round the picnic table, outdoor living room, or on the deck to take in the pleasurable weather of the season with great friends and good food!

Grilling Options That Thrill

Face it, there is something about lighting a fire, tending to the heat and fanning the flames or smoke that, well, thrills you. It helps that there is a delicious hunk of smoked turkey, your famous grilled chicken, or even a N.Y. strip steak seared to perfection to pay off for tending to the fire too.

Some of the best outdoor gourmet grills around these days are a far cry from dad’s old aluminum drug store bargain buy. Not everyone favors charcoal, lighter fluid, and the old tin drum method of cooking. Here are the best grilling and smoking methods that people everywhere love these days.

Start by deciding what cooking method and flavor you prefer. Is it charcoal, wood, gas, natural gas, propane, or electric? There is a further distinction of are you grilling or smoking?

The Great Outdoor Grills For Summertime

The Smoker Grills

If you like the taste of smoked food, then try a smoker grill. Many people make delicious-tasting smoked meats that are better than you can buy at a restaurant.

If you are a serious smoker, then you are like a MacGuyver, and can smoke meats to delicious perfection with the old school long-bodied smoker or heck, a coffee can.

Check out these Top Smokers



Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 Inch Smoker
List Price: $329.00
Price: $329.00
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Char-Broil brand comes out on top then the Weber, Dyna Glo and Char Griller Smokin Pro among purchasers.

Weber still has the corner on quality when it comes to making a steak the old charcoal method. Though, if you own a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker, you might want to lock it up. It is well-loved by the smoker fanatics as well as its signature drum-style charcoal grill.

Weber takes a joke in stride. Its kettle has long been the hallmark of quality, safety, and well, the sign of one of the great outdoor grills for summertime. It is up there next to lemonade and a porch swing (though not too close, so nothing catches fire.)

The kettle bowl is porcelain-enameled offering up its swing-hinge plated steel cooking grates. Steel is an excellent conductor of heat and cleans up well with some elbow grease. Plus there are 3 sizes available.

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker Charcoal Smoker includes six height-adjustable cooking grates and 1176 inches of cooking space. The heavy-duty steel body construction features a high-temp, powder-coat finish that ensures a long life, while the smoker’s charcoal and wood chip tray is made with heavy gauged, porcelain-enameled steel for hours of maintenance-free cooking.

Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box.The Smokin’ Pro is a professional grade grill offering more features than many grills twice it’s price. Used by professional BBQ’ers and backyard enthusiasts, it is the most versatile grill on the market. Cooks love its huge grilling area (830 Sq In) and side fire box (250 Sq In) for smoking your favorite meats. The cast iron grates give you an even heat and sears your meat to lock in the flavor. The adjustable ash pan makes it easy to control the heat and clean out your ashes. Just think, no more tipping over the grill to clean out the ashes! The heavy gauge steel construction and double bottom will give you years of dependable use. Features a built in heat gauge, airtight flanged hood, and 2 shelves. Rotisserie and warming rack adaptable.

Easy to Use Propane Or Gas Grills

If you’re looking for convenience and faster cooking, gas grills may be good alternative for you and your family. They’re also far more convenient because most of them come with a push button starter for instant heat. Gas grills also provide longer periods of cooking without much effort because compared to using charcoal grills, you don’t need to be on the constant look-out if you need to replenish your charcoal. Heat can also be controlled with a set of knobs, so you don’t have to worry about burning your food. Gas grills are easy to use, cook on and fun too.

Here are some Great Gas Grills On Sale at Amazon





Grilling Accessories





Outdoor grill table, Grilling gloves, aprons, tongs, spatulas, and everything in between are needed to cook and to keep your grill and smoker in good working order. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain and clean your grill to maximize its performance while limiting fire risk into the future.

Wood Smoking Chips Variety Gift Sets and hardwood lump charcoal are taking center stage. Applewood, pecan, mesquite, and pretty much any other flavor-boosting wood can be had for a fairly good price. Always read reviews, and mix it up to perfect your recipes.

Outdoor bbq grills have come a long way. Whether grilling, smoking, or getting back to basics with charcoal, you have tasteful and fun options to make a flavorful meal all summer long.

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