How Can Loving A Crock Pot Be Wrong?

How Can Loving a Crock Pot Be Wrong?

How often do you use your crock pot? This may sound strange but how can loving a crock pot be wrong? I have to tell you I use my crock pot almost on a daily basis and I absolutely love it! Honestly, the last thing I made was an incredible chili and cheese nacho dip. As this dip simmered during the day it filled the house with the aroma of fresh cut onions and incredible spices.

It was truly more than enough to get your mouth watering before the big game. During the cold winter months, I typically will make a big batch of chili almost every weekend. During the summer months, my family loves the pulled pork I will slow cook during the day.

I simply add my special barbecue sauce and let it simmer. And then in the evening time, I grab some good hard rolls and potato chips and we have a feast! Are you hungry yet?

What Crock Pot Do I Use?

How Can Loving a Crock Pot Be Wrong?

Our family uses a 5-quart crock pot, which is typically big enough to make almost anything. When I first got my crock pot cooker, I went crazy trying every recipe I could. For example, I never knew there was a crock pot cake you could make. Well low and behold, I found that recipe was one of the first things I made, and it was incredible!

I do have to tell you, using a crock pot does take a little bit of patience and learning. One thing you may not know is the lid stays on unless a specific recipe says otherwise. A lot of people like to leave the lid off to let the aroma filled the house but you are sacrificing flavor.

If you are planning to buy this then you must read a crock pot slow cooker review before buying online.

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Practicalities When Using A Slow Cooker

If you love your crock pot but absolutely hate the cleanup involved you may want to consider slow cooker liners. I know there have been many times when I didn’t want to deal with the mess I just ate junk food or fast food.

Trust me, I know how much of a hassle cleaning the dishes are, especially with a large family. However, when you use crock pot liners you are removing almost half the mess.

One unique learning experience you’ll have with the crock pot is just how much you can make in it. Just about any recipe you can make in the oven or on the stove top can be made in a slow cooker. If you’re not one who likes to experiment in the kitchen there are plenty of ways to find these recipes.

Obviously, one of the best ways is to simply look online and you’ll find a wide variety of recipes. However, I think the best way to find your favorite recipes is to play around. Do you remember that incredible crock pot cake I talked about earlier? Those are the type of slow cooker recipes you’ll find online.

Things to Be Aware Of

How can loving a crock pot be wrong? Well, when you start using your slow cooker you will face a couple of problems. One of the most common is what to do when you have too much liquid in your crock pot. The easiest way to deal with this is by taking the lid off for a short while.

This is the easiest and most convenient way to deal with too much liquid in a crock pot. However, do not keep the lid off for too long or you’ll be faced with dried out food.

Meat is one of the best things to cook in a crock pot. However, a lot of people cook it ahead of time so they can be used whenever they need it. Typically, people cook the meat up in a skillet and freeze it so they can add it in with the rest of their ingredients as needed. Personally, I do not like to cook meat ahead of time as I never have my meals planned in advance.

I will typically fix my crock pot the night before and put it on low first thing in the morning. I love coming home after a hard day at work and having the house filled with the awesome smell of the crock pot. Having dinner ready to eat is an extra bonus! Once again, how can loving a crock pot be wrong?

My Favorite Crock Pot Recipes

Earlier, I mentioned about all of my favorite recipes and how chili and pot roast are right at the top of my list. You will soon see that chili and soups always taste so much better when cooked in a crock pot slow cooker.

This is because slow cooking allows the sauces and spices a lot more time to break down and marinade the rest of the food. I swear, no matter what recipe you use for your chili it is always going to be a winner.

As you browse the internet you will find so many recipes that you never knew existed for crock pots. For example, doesn’t garlic roasted chicken sound incredible? This sounds like a dish you would find in a fine dining restaurant, but you can make it at home for pennies.

Believe it or not, you can even make bread in your slow cooker. I am telling you right now, the slow cooker is an essential small appliance you need in your kitchen.

Best Selling Crock Pot Recipes

Final Notes: How Can Loving a Crock Pot be Wrong?

One final important note to remember, always make sure you have the right size crock pot pressure cooker for the job. For this, it is important to take note of serving sizes and list of ingredients. I promise you, after one short week you’ll be just as much in love with your crock pot as I am with mine.

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