How to Set Clock on Samsung Microwave

how to set clock on samsung microwave

Congratulations on your brand new kitchen appliance, a Samsung microwave! Now before you get started whipping up your favorite dishes, there is something else you might want to do — set the clock on your microwave.

Setting the clock on your microwave has several benefits. As a handy clock right in the middle of your kitchen, it can help you keep track of the time you spend on your breakfast. This is especially helpful during the morning when each of your family members is scrambling around to complete their morning chores.

In this article, we will lay down a step-by-step guide on how to set clock on Samsung microwave, regardless of the make and model. We have tried to include different microwave types so you can get the help you need.

Setting the Clock on Microwaves with a Clock Button

Man Setting Time on Microwave Oven

The instructions below apply to several Samsung Microwave models with a clock button. They include the ME11A7510D, ME20H705MS, ME16H702SE, and ME18H704SF.

If you wish to see the time on some models while cooking, you can simply press the clock button. Here are the general steps to set the clock on these models:

  • Press the clock button for up to three seconds. However, on some models, just pressing the clock button once will suffice. Always press once to see if the display changes to detect the functionality of your Samsung microwave model.
  • Use the number pad to enter the current time in HH:MM format. Note that most Samsung Microwaves follow the 12-hour time format and not the 24-hour format. You can check this by entering a number greater than 12 to see if the microwave accepts the input.
  • Once you have entered the time, there is an optional step to select either AM or PM. Do note that some models may skip this step altogether.
  • And lastly, press the START/ ENTER button to confirm your time selection. In some Samsung Microwave models, you may have to press the OK button instead.

Setting the Clock on Microwaves With a My Settings Button

Owing to the enormous variety of Samsung microwave models, there are several options you can choose from when it comes to features and functionalities. Some microwave models are installed with a My Settings button instead of the standard Options button. However, fear not! You can still use this to set the clock on your microwave.

Here’s how:

  • Click on the My Settings button to enter general settings.
  • To select the Clock option, simply hover on to the number pad and press the number 9 button.
  • Click on OK once and use the number pad to enter the time in a HH:MM format.
  • Just click OK once you’re done to confirm the entered time.

Setting the Clock on Microwaves With a Power Level Button

microwave clock.

Not all Samsung Microwave models feature the clock front and center. In some models, the clock feature remains hidden and the only way to turn it on is with the Power Level button. You can only set time with the clock once you have activated the Power Level button.

Here are the steps on how to do that:

  • To activate the Power Level button, press and hold it for three seconds.
  • The display should allow you enter the time now. Use the number pad like other models to enter the time in a HH:MM format.
  • You can check whether the time format is AM or PM with the power level button. Press it once to set AM and twice to set PM.
  • Once done, press the OK/Start button.

Setting the Clock on Microwaves With an Options Button

Plenty of Samsung Microwaves feature an Options button, which you can use to set the clock. The process here is short and straightforward:

  • Press the Options button to enter Options in the Microwave digital menu.
  • Press the number 9.
  • Then click on OK, which will give you the option to enter the current time.
  • Use the number pad again to enter the time in the same HH:MM format.
  • Press OK once you have entered the time.

Setting the Clock on Microwaves With Arrow Buttons

Say you have a Samsung Microwave with arrow buttons. In that case, follow these steps to set the clock:

  • To begin entering the time, first press the OK button.
  • Now you can enter the time. Enter the hour in HH format by pressing the left or the right arrow keys. Keep pressing till you reach the correct number, and press OK again to confirm.
  • Repeat the same process to enter the minutes in a MM format by pressing the arrows repeatedly, followed by OK.
  • The control panel should now show the time you have set using the arrow keys.

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Setting the clock is a great way to get started with your brand new Samsung microwave oven. Depending on the make and model, follow the methods mentioned above to determine how to set clock on Samsung microwave. Keep in mind that the same process can be repeated any time you need to reset or adjust the clock.

And even though we have tried our best to include the most common model types with their specific operating process, the best practice will always be to refer to your microwave’s user manual. With your Samsung microwave model-specific user manual, you will always get one of the best microwaves as well as the most accurate up to date information.

If you are unable to locate the manual that was bundled with your model, or if you have an abbreviated model, there is no need to panic. You can visit the Samsung download center and get a hold of the complete manual in an accessible digital version.

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