How to Wash Your Nugget Cover

How to Wash Your Nugget Cover

The Nugget is a modular play couch and has become one of the hottest things in the parenting market in the past year, thanks to the pandemic and more hours spent indoors rather than at a park. It’s also due to its versatility – you can use it as a couch, ramp, chair, or fort. The opportunities are endless.

Toddlers are messy, and one advantage the Nugget has over its competitors is that the cover is removable and machine washable. This is essential since the Nugget is frequently drooled on, stepped on, and snacked on. Wondering how to wash your Nugget cover? It’s pretty simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

What Is a Nugget Couch?

The Nugget, popularly known as “the original play sofa,” was launched as a Kickstarter project in 2015. It is a 4-piece set of foam building blocks that you can assemble into a couch or whatever you like.

It’s essentially a toy couch constructed of four foam pieces: a base, a cushion, and two triangle pillows. The base and cushions are made up of two different pieces of foam that are joined together by the cover, allowing them to be laid out or folded up. When folding the parts, you’ll find that each has a handle to make moving and carrying easier.

A Nugget is a safe, durable toy that catalyzes your child’s imagination and lets them blow off some energy while keeping them away from screens. It’s no wonder that the chic cushion set, which comes in a range of limited-edition colors, became an instant hit!

What Is the Nugget Cover Made Of?

The Nugget comfort consists of two different layers: inside foam and exterior cover. The inside foam is a polyurethane foam with an open-cell structure. The covers are made of microsuede fabric. Since microsuede contains tiny fibers, the fabric softens with time as the fibers slack with each wash.

This kid-friendly fabric can resist almost anything and will stand the test of time. Spills aren’t instantly absorbed since it’s made of solid polyester, making cleanup a breeze. You can also toss it in the wash if you have a bigger mess.

How to Wash Nugget Cover?

Here’s the simplest way to wash a Nugget cover:

Vacuum the Dirt

The microsuede fabric on the covers attracts dirt and pet hair. We recommend removing debris and pet hair using a vacuum or a lint roll. Vacuuming beforehand will ensure that crumbs and pet hair do not cling to the fabric, which could make a mess in your washer.

How to Wash Your Nugget Cover


Remove the Cover

Unzip and take the coverings off each Nugget component. You’ll want to remove the cover whether you’re spot cleaning your Nugget or cleaning the entire cover. The foam can absorb the stains if you spot clean with the cover on.

Spot Clean

If there are any tough stains, use an upholstery spot cleaner and clean them first. You can also soak the Nugget covers in hot soapy water for 20 minutes to loosen out some of the grime stuck on them.

Stains are all different, you’ll want to pick the proper cleaning agent depending on the stain.

The good thing about Nugget is that their website lists the best spot cleaning agents for all types of stains. Here are some of them:

  • Blood: Peroxide
  • Crayon: Amodex or Rubbing Alcohol
  • Chocolate: Folex or Oxiclean
  • Dry Erase Marker: Rubbing Alcohol
  • Glue: Rubbing Alcohol
  • Fruit: Folex or Oxiclean
  • Grease: Folex or Oxiclean
  • Nail Polish: Acetone
  • Ink: Amodex
  • Sharpie: Amodex
  • Syrup: Folex or Oxiclean
  • Stickers: Rubbing Alcohol
  • Tomatoes: Folex or Oxiclean
  • Urine: Enzyme Cleaner (Nature’s Miracle)

Zip Them Up

Before putting the cover in the washing machine, make sure it’s zipped to avoid a tangled mess. After you’ve zipped all the covers, consider putting them in individual washing mesh bags to protect them.

Wash in Cold Water

Put the same-colored Nugget covers in the washing machine. Set the washer to cold water and add a clear-color detergent of your choice. Coldwater is essential to the process since it prevents the coverings from shrinking.

Run a standard cycle in your machine, then rinse and hang to dry. Remember not to put the covers in the tumble dryer because of the heat. For the same reason, you should avoid setting them out in the sun.

Hang the Covers to Dry Indoors Then Reassemble

Once the coverings are dry, place them back on the foam pieces. You don’t want to leave the pieces bare for too long since, unlike the covers, you can’t just toss them in the washing machine.

Let the foam breathe. This will ensure that the covers don’t feel too tight. Note that the air between the foam may expand slightly. Simply press down on the foam to compress it, then zip up the cover.

How to Put Nugget Cover Back On?

Putting the covers back on can be a real headache. But you know it must be possible since the covers are made to fit. The secret lies in taking your time with each cushion. Here are a few tips:

  • Lay the rectangular cover on the floor. The lip-ed side of the cover should be on the bottom, flat on the ground, and the flap on top.
  • Insert one foam square inside the now-open cover. Rotate it to find the right fit.
  • Pull the cover around the foam, securing it in place. Make sure the corner seams are on the corners.
  • Zip it up, and you’re done.

Bottom Line

The Nugget is one of the best in the business, whether you’re building a fort or napping. One of its best qualities is its extensive, beautiful color palette and machine washable covers.

The set features four pieces made of sturdy foam that you may rearrange in various ways. And now that you know how to wash a Nugget cover, you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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