Kenmore Microwave Oven Elite Countertop 79393 Review

Kenmore microwave oven 7933 review

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of sophistication, convenience, and intelligent cooking, we have found a great Kenmore microwave oven that we think deserves a mention.

The well-known home appliance manufacturer has integrated new-age technology with pre-programmed auto-cook software, and sensor innovation on this model. Needless to say, we like it!

Because there are so many options out there, it’s easy to get lost among online reviews in search of the best countertop microwave oven to fit your kitchen needs.

More than likely though, you are looking for something that makes meal preparation easy and doesn’t take much effort on your part. With the Kenmore 79399 oven, you will be able to heat your meals to perfection in minutes with the touch of a button.

About The Kenmore Microwave

The Kenmore Elite is no longer available so we are offering this model:

This kitchen appliance is beautifully designed with clean lines and a black gloss finish. Powered at 1,250 watts with a roomy interior capacity of .09 cu, it certainly sits pretty on the kitchen counter.

It has an impressive built-in sensor that is pre-programmed to cook certain foods at the right heat and power based on the oven’s contents. This prevents food from drying out and helps to maintain maximum flavor and nutrition.

Convenience is even further optimized in this nifty product with its easy-to-use control panel and 1-touch start button feature. Basically, you are always just one touch away from meal perfection.

Adding even more to its practicality are the 12 power levels. The different level settings allow you to select the heating power depending on the size and content of the food being heated. The customizable selection means that you can expect even and effective heating from this appliance.

Benefits Of Using This Kenmore Appliance

A brand that offers so much more

The Kenmore range of products boasts an array of impressive features. Apart from its attractive design and modern technology, the brand is preceded by its reputation of over 100 years of quality service in the home appliance industry.

Naturally, the perks of investing in a well-known brand include not having to worry about where you will find Kenmore microwave parts and accessories should you need them.

Purchasing a trim kit or replacing your rotating microwave plate or Kenmore microwave light bulb simply boils down to clicking a button. And we are talking worst case scenario here. After all, there is a reason why the manufacturer is trusted in the industry, and part of that is due to the reliability of the products.

Customizable programs for the modern cook

Not all foods are the same. They have different water contents and masses which require different levels of heat. With 12 power levels which allow you to customize your cooking, you are all set to go though. Also, you can use the 1-touch control panel for easy heating, defrosting, and cooking.

Then there’s the multi-stage cooking which allows you to program up to two different power levels of reheating at a time. This way, you can start by reheating your food at 70% for 2 minutes, and end by reheating it at 20% power for 3 minutes without having to monitor your cooking!

Big enough to fit larger dishes

This countertop microwave oven is fitted with a large interior capacity. This means you can heat meals in larger cookware without having to transfer them into smaller dishes first.

Additionally, the oven comes standard with a rotating turntable which slowly spins to heat any size dish evenly throughout.

Convenience at the touch of a button

Appreciate precision cooking on your Kenmore 79393 model with the pre-programmed control panel which takes the guesswork out of reheating leftovers.

The sensor menu includes options for sensor reheating and sensor cooking. Simply press the corresponding sensor option and watch as the steam released by the food in the oven determines the time on the clock.

Program more than one heating option at a time with the Multi-Stage cooking option. This allows you to customize your cooking even further by choosing up to two power levels to reheat your food with.

Use the control panel to reheat foods like potatoes or pizza, cook popcorn, or even defrost frozen vegetables at the touch of a button!

Get the built-in look for your microwave oven

You can enjoy accessories for your Kenmore countertop microwave oven in the form of trim-kits and more! We love this option because you can give it a built-in look that is neat and suits the aesthetics of your kitchen.


If you have children, you’ll appreciate the child-friendly safety lock option. In order to lock it so that it cannot be operated by the young ones, simply press and hold the stop button for 3 seconds. After hearing the long beep, you can rest assured that your children will be safe from harm.

In the same token, older children will relish in the easy 1-touch control panel. The brilliant One-Touch Start button is an easy way to reheat meals if you’re in a hurry or are reheating a basic meal. It allows for instant cooking at 100% power level. Each touch adds 30 seconds of heating time. Simply press start and watch your meal reheat in no time!

Be worry-free with a 1-year warranty

Kenmore offers a 1-year limited warranty on the purchase of their product. This protects you against any defects in the material or workmanship of the oven.

You can find warranty and repair information, as well as details of Kenmore Elite Microwave Oven parts directly on their customer care webpage.

Stand Out Features

Aesthetics for the modern kitchen

Firstly, this sleek, streamlined Kenmore innovation is as stylish as it is spacious. We love the clean lines and chic aesthetic. The cohesive design adds style to any kitchen.

Furthermore, the spacious interior capacity coupled with its nifty size makes this countertop appliance a feature in any kitchen.

Finally, with an interior capacity to hold even longer, larger cookware, you won’t ever have to worry about transferring food into smaller dishes for it to be reheated.

Cutting edge technology at the touch of a button

We love the super-smart control panel with its special sensor reheat and cook options.

Let your sophisticated Kenmore microwave oven work it out by itself and adjust its settings on its own accord to provide you with a perfectly heated meal. The release of steam determines the length of cooking to ensure it is perfect every time.

Even better is the pre-programmed menu allowing you to reheat or defrost your favorite foods at the touch of a button for optimum warming. Defrost frozen vegetables, pizzas, or entrée’s in the precision menu with one simple button.

Equipped with the ever so nifty one-touch start button, this oven lets you reheat food at 100% power with just one touch. It is perfect for kids to use or when you’re on the go!

What We Like

  • Roomy 2.2 cu.ft. capacity to fit larger cookware
  • Sleek, modern design
  • 1250 wattage with 12 power levels for efficient cooking and reheating
  • Sensor reheating and sensor cooking options
  • One-touch start for 1-6 minute options
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Optional trim-kit to transform the look from countertop to built-in

Minor Drawbacks

Customers who have bought the same appliance have mentioned the following minor downsides:

  • Loud or noisy when in use
  • At first, the options seem complicated and difficult to master

Similar On The Market

We’ve compared the Kenmore Elite Countertop Microwave Oven with two other appliances on the market for better reviewing.


For the price-conscious customer, it’s pertinent to note the difference in the price ranges of these appliances. The Toshiba and the Panasonic are priced lower than the Kenmore. That being said, the latter has higher specs and so warrants the bigger price tag.


With 1250 Watts of power and 10 power levels, the Kenmore microwave is a very attractive buy. After all, the more powerful the appliance, the faster your food is heated.

The Panasonic device has an equal power of 1250 Watts, and Toshiba tops both of them at 1500 Watts.

Internal capacity

At .09 cubic feet, the Kenmore and Panasonic ovens have bigger internal capacities which can accommodate larger cookware. With a 1.5 cu.ft capacity, the Toshiba oven is the bigger of the lot.

Special features

All three microwave ovens have nifty sensor cooking options as well as pre-programmed settings for certain foods. Furthermore, all of them also have smart control panels for easy programming and a digital LED display.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Kenmore Elite Countertop microwave oven is a smart piece of technology for the modern kitchen. Equipped with all the latest features, a powerful wattage, and roomy interior, this all-encompassing kitchen appliance is so much more than just a microwave oven.

We love the easy-to-use control panel coupled with the innovative sensor cooking which detects what type of food is being reheated. It also looks sleek and modern in your home, giving it a smart feel.

Suitable for any family or kitchen, the Kenmore Elite boasts a list of notable and desirable features, sure to be loved by any healthy eater and homeowner looking for appliances.

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