NuWave Pressure Cooker: 3 Model Reviews

NuWave pressure cooker reviews

The NuWave pressure cooker is a cut above the rest when it comes to putting together a tasty and easy meal. The digital models combine innovative technology, and a host of smart features to deliver a quality product that you won’t be able to do without in your kitchen.

The secret lies in the pressurized steam. Enjoy healthier and more delicious meals for you and the whole family in an easy and convenient way!

Cut down on your preparation time in the kitchen with a Nuwave pressure cooker. This loved model lets you prepare all your favorite meals and recipes while preserving the moisture and nutrients of your food. Did anyone say Prime Rib!

How It Works

  • Heats up liquid within the pot to generate steam and raise the pressure within
  • Pressurized steam raises the boiling point of the water within the pot to cook the food faster
  • The raised pressure drives liquid into the food to keep it moist, cook it faster and even tenderize tough meat
  • The result is better tasting, healthier meals that retain all their goodness!

NuWave Pressure Cooker Reviews: 3 Stand Out Products

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NuWave 6 Quart Model 33101

NUWAVE Nutri-Pot Digital Pressure Cooker 6-quart Featuring 11 One-Touch Presets & Sure-Lock Safety Technology

Smart Technology

First up, the 6-quart 1000-watt NuWave Nutri Pot is a conveniently-sized, nifty model with a range of smart features to achieve your cooking needs. Using advanced cooking technology and a smart control pad boasting 12 pre-set cooking functions, it’s no doubt that this pressure cooker is one of the firm favorites!

Moreover, the 12 pre-set cooking functions are simply an addition to the brilliant Slow Cook, Sear, Delay and Warm settings you can use your Nutri-Pot for. As a result, you’re getting more than you bargained for with this high-achieving cooker.

Use it to cook almost any meal at home. From rice dishes to stews, soups, and even curries! If you need a little help deciding what to use your Nutri-Pot for, then we have some NuWave pressure cooker recipes that are suitable for any occasion.

Fast Cooking Times

Furthermore, you can enjoy more time for yourself and your family. The 1000-watt NuWave Nutri-Pot lets you cook up to three times faster than other conventional cooking methods, making this appliance a necessity in the kitchen.

Safety Features

Design-wise, the 6-quart 1000-watt NuWave nutria ticks all the boxes. The simple, modern display coupled with built-in safety features make it a well-designed product.

The hinged lid allows for safe operation and easier cleaning. The built-in carry handle prevents you from getting burned when moving the cooker and also allows for easy lifting.

The easy-to-use release valve and non-stick cooking pot make this an appliance of practicality and convenience for the modern home.

Apart from the hinged top, this NuWave Nutri Pot digital pressure cooker is equipped with a SureLock Safety System to ensure you are using the safest digital pressure cooking appliance today. The SureLock system ensures that the cooker doesn’t open unsuspectingly, becoming a hazard to those around it.

An all-around impressive kitchen appliance with a host of desirable features encased in a safe and hands-on product.

What We Like

  • 12 pre-set cooking options
  • Slow Cook, Sear, Delay and Warm functions
  • Hinged top that attaches for safety and detaches for easy cleaning
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Affordable
  • Non-stick inner pot
  • Temperature and time settings
  • 24-hour delay settings
  • SureLock Safety System

Minor Drawbacks

  • According to NuWave pressure cooker reviews, the appliance only comes with a hinged cover and not the baking rack and glass cover required for some of the cooking settings.
  • Its 6-quart capacity makes it one of the smaller cookers. Larger families cooking larger meals may benefit more from a larger capacity

NuWave Nutri-Pot 13 Quart Cooker 33501


NuWave 33501 Nutri-Pot Pressure Cooker, 13 Quart, Silver & Black

Amazing Functions

The 13-quart NuWave electric pressure cooker has many similar features to its 6-quart counterpart, with the addition of a few. Also equipped with 12 pre-set functions that include a convenient Slow Cook, Sear, Delay, and Warm setting, the Nutri-Pot is once again your best friend in the kitchen but now in 13 –quart capacity.

With preset cooking functions, you can enjoy peace of mind when setting your cooker to cook certain meals. Forget about having to continuously check on what’s happening on the stove or in our oven, you’ll be able to pre-set the time, pressure and even food type on your cooker, leaving you with more time on your hands.

Handy Accessories

Suitable for cooking larger meals, this Nutri-Pot comes equipped with a few extras up its sleeve.

If you thought it was versatile before, it now has an even wider range of capabilities! The cooking rack included with this model will cover all your baking, steaming and canning needs. Place up to 9 (16 ounce) canning jars in this pressure cooker. The baking rack will have you cooking pot pies, quiches and even cakes in no time!

It’s clear that the Nutri-Pot is no ordinary appliance. With features like the non-stick PTFE-free cooking pot and an easy-to-clean lid, you could be cooking all your meals (including desserts) in the Nutri-Pot – every day!

Over and above the hinged top, you’ll receive an additional lid made from glass (for use as a slow cooker) and a Cool Touch lid for cooking and releasing steam. These NuWave pressure cooker accessories make it safe and easy to operate your kitchen appliance – an added plus to the already built-in carrying handle and hinged cover.

Safety Features

The SureLock system secures the cooker using a food blocking cap, lid lock function, and final bottom pressure switch. You won’t have to worry whether it’s safe to open the cooker lid or not as the advanced system will only let you open the lid once the pressure has reached a safe level.

This is an excellent product from NuWave with protection features and accessories to ensure a more than pleasant cooking experience.

What We Like

  • 12 pre-set cooking options
  • Slow Cook, Sear, Delay and Warm functions
  • Hinged top
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Glass lid
  • Cool Touch lid
  • Non-stick inner pot
  • Temperature and time settings
  • 24-hour delay settings
  • SureLock Safety System
  • Cooking rack for baking, steaming, and canning
  • 13-quart capacity allows you to cook bigger meals for a larger family

Minor Drawbacks

  • One of the more expensive appliances on this list

NuWave 31201 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, 6.5 Quart

NuWave stainless steel pressure cooker, 6.5 Quart, Silver

Simple Design

The NuWave stainless steel pressure cooker is slightly different from its digital counterparts and is made from a high-quality premium grade stainless steel.

The simple design and metal structure make for a hardwearing, quality appliance that cooks faster and without hassle. A purchase that will surely prove itself long-term.

With a capacity of 6.5 quarts, it is definitely smaller in size, but this nifty pressure cooker has many redeeming points. The NuWave 31201 pressure cooker can be used on an induction cooktop, gas stove or electric burner – making it one of the more versatile products.

Easy To Use

Furthermore, it is equipped with 3 safety characteristics to ensure your cooking experience is nothing short of pleasurable. In addition, the large side handle is designed to prevent you from having to touch the metal pot and getting burned.

Prepare all of your favorite meals using the NuWave 31201 as it too, cuts down the cooking time by more than 3 times when compared to conventional cooking methods. Think quick, healthy meals for the whole family with just the addition of a little oil and your favorite cooking ingredients.


This stainless steel pressure cooker is the most affordable out of the three, and at only 9.5pounds it weighs the least, making it easy-to-move and convenient to have in the kitchen.

Customer reviews reveal that this pressure cooker is well-loved, primarily for its hardy makeup, simple mechanism, and affordable price.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Can be used on an induction cooktop, gas stove or electric burner
  • Lightweight
  • Premium grade stainless steel body makes it sturdy and durable
  • Designed with 3 safety characteristics and a large side handle

Minor Drawbacks

  • This NuWave model doesn’t come with any cooking pre-sets, unlike the digital versions
  • With only a 6.5-quart capacity the pressure cooker is relatively small and will only be able to cook smaller meals at a time
  • Not suitable for canning

Final Thoughts

NuWave pressure cookers are valued for their quality across the board. Above all, the NuWave 13-quart Nutri-Pot pressure cooker proves to be the most versatile – and versatility in the kitchen wins every time.

As a larger capacity, multipurpose pressure cooker with safety and protection features to boot, the 13-quart electric Nutri-Pot will cater for most – if not all – of your cooking needs.

It’s ideal for larger families and does more than just pressure cook. In spite of the higher price, the extra accessories provided with this model contribute to a well-rounded purchase.

Bake, cook, can and more with one single appliance! NuWave – Live Well For Less.

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