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Oster Roaster Oven

Are you tired of using multiple pots to cook a phenomenal turkey dinner or Sunday roast for your family? Of course, you are—especially when it comes time to washing up after every meal. More families are beginning to shift towards products like the Oster Roaster Oven, not only for their simplicity but for their versatility as well.

From cooking dinner for your entire family over the holidays to creating a laid back Wednesday night meal, roaster ovens make cooking easy and fun.

As a relatively renowned homewares brand, the Oster Roaster Oven can become the most used small appliance in your kitchen, especially when it comes to one pot dinners.

Oster Roaster Oven Features


Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid | 22 Qt, Stainless Steel


  • 22 quarts of cooking space
  • Dimensions: 23.3 L x 15.6 W x 11.8 H inches
  • Self-basting top continually recirculates moisture
  • Enamel and steel roasting pan
  • Removable roasting pan
  • Included steel roasting rack
  • Manual temperature control


Some of the most important benefits of the Oster Roaster Oven include:

1.  Achieve the perfect brown and crispy texture

When it comes to cooking turkey or any other type of meat that tastes better with a crispy skin, this is the perfect cooking device to use. The Oster Roasting Pan not only ensures that the entirety of your meat is thoroughly cooked, but that the skin also reaches the perfect brown and crispy consistency with minimal effort.

2.  Cooking time is shorter than ever before

This Oster model is uniquely designed so that basting can occur without ever having to remove the lid. This not only helps to keep moisture inside of the unit where it belongs, but it also helps to prevent heat from escaping if you were to remove the lid to baste.

This sincerely helps to cut down on your cooking time, allowing you to focus more on entertaining your guests.

3.  Moist meat when compared to traditional oven cooking

One of the main issues many people experience when cooking in a traditional oven is the meat has the tendency to dry out without consistently stirring, basting, or flipping. The Oster Roaster Oven is designed to keep your meat as moist as possible with the help of the self-basting lid as it keeps moisture where it belongs—inside of the cooker.

4.  Lightweight and easy to carry

Aside from the fact that this particular model can hold up to 26 pounds of turkey, the unit itself is lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it far simpler when you’re bringing it out from underneath a cabinet and onto your counter.

In addition, it takes away any additional weight you might encounter if you move the oven from one location to another while cooking. If you need a larger oven check out the Oster extra large digital countertop oven review.


As with any product you buy, there will always be pros and cons. There are limited disadvantages which include:

1.  Using tin foil to prevent the meat from burning

If you intend on cooking a full bird such as a chicken or a turkey and the legs or thighs might be in direct contact with the sides of the oven roaster, it can cause burning. An easy remedy is to line the sides of the oven roaster with tin foil, though this can be inconvenient and quite messy during cleanup.

2.  Short electric cord included with the unit

Ideally, you’re going to want to be able to plug your oven roaster in anywhere in your kitchen, especially if you have plenty of other things you need to cook. Unfortunately, the electric cord included with this Oster model is relatively short, and as such, you will have to keep it close to a socket.

3.  Extremely hot exterior when in operation

In the past, traditional oven roasters would be sufficiently insulated to where the exterior surface temperature would be safe to touch. Unfortunately, the oven builds up an incredibly hot exterior temperature, which can be unsafe to use in a household with children or pets.


Summary of our Oster Review

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid | 22 Qt, Stainless Steel


1.  Self-Basting Top

One of the most interesting features is its self-basting top that allows you to keep your meat moist without having to remove a lid, pull out a manual baster, and make a mess in your kitchen. It is a uniquely designed aspect that helps to keep all of the hot air inside of the oven roaster where it belongs and cuts down on the task of cooking large batches of meat.

2.  Enamel and Steel Roasting Pan

The roasting pan inside of the unit is constructed out of enamel and steel, adding to its resilience over time. To make cleaning the oven easier, the roasting pan is entirely removable so you can wash every crevice of the oven before storing it away until your next big meal.

3.  Manual Temperature Control

Another feature that makes this model unique when compared to others is its precise manual temperature control. Much like your traditional oven, you can customize the heat of the Oster Roaster Oven down to the degree, which is essential for cooking a variety of different items.

Users will be able to create a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner or a great batch of rolls all in one unit.

Roaster Oven Points to Consider

Before you make a decision, it is important to compare all of the models to each other to ensure you’re getting the best deal. When it comes to comparing roaster ovens, you’re going to want to take cooking time, ease of use, and versatility into account.

1.  Cooking Time

What truly sets this oven apart from the competition is its ability to customize the way you cook. It works similarly to a traditional oven, giving you the opportunity to create any type of oven-based meal you desire but in less time.

As it is a smaller unit, it’s more efficient when preheating, and the phenomenal air convection makes cooking far faster.

2.  Ease of Use

It doesn’t get much easier than when you use this oven to your advantage, simply because you can have complete control over the small appliance. With the simple, user-friendly buttons on the front of the unit that allow you to power the oven on or off and adjust the temperature, that’s all you need to worry about.

3.  Versatility

As mentioned, you’ll love using one because it is incredibly versatile. From creating decadent desserts to hearty meats like pot roast, the options are endless, and your family will love every meal you make.


It’s easy to understand why the Oster Roaster Oven is as popular as it is, especially when you consider its unique and reliable features.

As a brand that has a strong bearing in the household small appliances market, Oster has surely impressed all home cooks with their oven roaster.

Regardless of if you’re a frequent cooker or if it’s your first time making Thanksgiving dinner, this small kitchen oven is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store.

These well made ovens are from a brand that has outstanding appliance reviews. Check one out today, they make a great gift too.

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