The Health Benefits of Ozonated Water

Ozonated Water

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for healthier food and beverage options for better health. This includes exercising more, eating healthier foods and drinking ozonated water. Many people are also choosing organic vegetables and fruits to help increase their general state of health and well being.

People are realizing the true benefits of natural substances and health products and how they can increase their knowledge of what’s good and what’s bad for the body. In order to truly increase the longevity of our lives, what we put into our bodies is crucial. Past history proves our health wasn’t always at the top of the list.

With that being said, in this article, we look at ozone generator water treatment. We will look at what it is, what it’s good for, how it can help us and what its health benefits are as well.

What Does Ozonated Water Do?

Ozone itself is created naturally by UV radiation from the sun which splits an oxygen molecule into two oxygen atoms. Free oxygen atoms react with oxygen molecules to form ozone.

Drinking ozone water is a very powerful substance which exists today; it is water in its purest form, which is free from any bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, or added chemicals.

When it is properly made, it can retain ozone for a little while. By using high-quality ozone generators, and allowing the ozone to bubble through the water long enough, it will contain significantly higher levels of ozone which become bonded to the water.

Now it is as pure as it can be. As it is full of ozone and increased oxygen, it is often used for healing purposes or as an antibacterial agent, on scrapes, bruises, burns as well as in surgery and dentistry. When a person drinks ozonated water, they take in the ozone directly, which can provide many inside health benefits.

An ozone generator for water is perfect for drinking as it brings huge health benefits with it. It helps remove viruses and bacteria as soon as they enter the body, unlike chlorine water which does so but with a much slower process. It can also be used in pools and hot tubs and for cleaning purposes. However, it’s main benefits can be found through drinking it.

Is it Healthy?

Drinking ozonated water has been a topic which has been highly debated. Some believe that drinking it brings no increased benefits whatsoever and has no science to back it up. Others however, including some hospitals have argued that ozone brings many healing properties and that it can do wonders for your health.

You can lead a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet, regular daily exercise, getting enough rest, regularly detoxing your body and staying emotionally and mentally balanced, but sometimes this isn’t enough to fight those toxins and viruses which all of us are exposed to at some point.

Using ozone therapy in combination with all of these things is a sure-fire method of keeping you at your healthiest and staying healthy.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone treatment is safe to use as it helps your immune system become the strongest it can possibly be. Having a strong immune system means that you will have stronger cells and less chance of disease getting into your system. The stronger your immune system, the better.

Another health benefit of this kind of therapy is it increases the potency of any supplements you take as well as it raises the effectiveness of anti-oxidants. This is thanks to the extra oxygen molecules, so you will, therefore, feel the benefits much quicker than you would normally without the ozone therapy.

Ozone is actually an unstable form of oxygen. The oxygen we breathe in every day is O2 which is composed of 2 atoms of oxygen. Ozone gas(1) on the other hand, is type O3, meaning 3 atoms of oxygen are pressed together.


Ozonated water is said to work for anyone regardless of their individual state of health. The strength of ozone which is present in the water determines its overall effectiveness. The primary benefit of ozone is that it destroys pathogens. Pathogens are anything that causes a disease, including:

  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Virus

Other potential health benefits include:

  • Can improve the immune system
  • Helps provide increased oxygen to the brain
  • Promotes Purified blood of harmful cells
  • May decrease cancer cells and slows tumor growth
  • Breaks down synthetic chemicals
  • Attacks viruses on immediate contact
  • Helps acute inflammation

Can It Stop Disease?

In America, many patients are known to be hospitalized annually which is largely due to the side effects of prescribed medication. This results in many deaths which should not have happened in the first place.

Ozone, on the other hand, which is a natural alternative, takes 19 seconds to kill 99% of bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and mold, which is more than 3,500 times faster than chlorine.

This is what is typically used in the water that we drink; however, it isn’t the best to keep us healthy. Ozone generator water treatment can help reduce the free radical damage in our bodies without side effects.

Ozone actually inactivates bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast by disrupting the integrity of the cell and disintegrating the bad parts so that it breaks down and leaves your body. It is one of the strongest ways of removing toxins and pathogens and is therefore extremely powerful.

Ozone therapy helps people to overcome their sicknesses and feel alive, with a lot more regained energy.

Possible Treatment for Cancer

It is known that there is a relationship between the amount of oxygen in the blood and the ability of cancer to spread. Therefore, the more oxygen that is present, the less chance cancer has to spread. The oxygen that we breathe, does not stop cancer from spreading.

Instead, oxygen singlets are the ones which can stop the spreading, and the best way to do this is by it entering into the blood. This helps breaks down the 02 and stops the spreading immediately. The best and simplest way of getting ozone (oxygen singlets) into the blood is to ozonate purified water which is ice cold.

The colder the water, the more ozone the water will be able to hold.

Although ozone water treatment may kill cancer cells, it is often prescribed as a supplement and not as a single treatment.

The many benefits of drinking ozonated water include the following:

  • Helps Purify the blood of any microbes
  • Detoxification
  • It may help kill cancer cells
  • It provides increased energy
  • Helps Improve the immune system

Purchasing an Ozone Machine

New home ozone generators pricing start at around $ 39.99. Think of these units as cleaning the water like an air purifier cleanses the air.

When it comes to drinking ozonated water, it is crucial that the container used and which the ozone water is bubbled into is made of glass. Why? If ozone water is put into a plastic container it will break.

It is also recommended that cancer patients drink it immediately after it’s ready as the ozone lasts for a short period of time, around 10 minutes. It should also be bubbled for around 8-9 minutes prior to drinking.

How Much Do You Drink?

In order to decide how much water you need to drink in a day, simply measure your weight in pounds and divide by two. This will give you the exact number of ounces you need to drink in a single day. If able to drink more than the recommended amount, it is even more beneficial.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it shouldn’t be taken together with food. Instead, it should be taken around 2 hours after eating or 1/2 hour before.

You should always use high-quality purified water. Tap water should be avoided at all costs as it is loaded with unnecessary chemicals which will run into the effectiveness. Distilled water of a high quality can also be used to make ozonated water as well as spring water.

Generally, it is recommended to store the water in the refrigerator as this keeps it in its optimal condition and so it stays fresh longer.

Final Verdict

Whether you use ozone for its super healing and detoxifying properties, or simply to purify water, it does work. Many people have greatly increased their immune systems and general state of well-being. If you are serious about starting ozone water treatment, preparation is essential to achieve the benefits you desire.

Sadly, the majority of information found on the internet regarding ozonated water is mostly false, and like a lot of stories these days opinionated and not backed by fact. It is therefore recommended you ask an expert or medical professional if you are a beginner, in order to make sure you carry out the right steps necessary.

Ozone water therapy and it’s healing capabilities might be able to help you. Learn more by visiting the links below today.

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